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An inter-class reading quiz competition for upper primary students
A Book Cup competition for the Regent Cup was held at Marryatville for the first time in 2011. The inaugural cup was won by Mr Williams' class.
Each year 6/7 class has a team of 6-8 students. All members of the team read 5 selected books over an 8 week period.
Four members make up the core quiz team, but up to six members can represent the class on the quiz day.
Two members of each team have responsibility for producing a digital book trailer for presentaion at the quiz, but other team members and other class members can also contribute.

A team leader elected by the team coordinates the reading program in each team to help the team stay on track.
One of the team coordinates the digital presentation.
Quiz team roles are: leader, recorder, resource manager, reporter.
Class teachers write the questions, act as quiz masters, and scrutineers.
Book Cup is part of the class English program, and time will be made available for teams to work together on Book Cup tasks.

Book Cup 2012
This year the Book Cup will be a culminating activity during Book Week.
This year's books have been selected to reflect the Book Week theme "Champion's Read" . All of the main characters demonstrate 'champion' quailities.
Jodie's Journey
Spilled Water
Ruins of Gorlan
Quiz questions are all 'literal' - answers can be found directly in the text and do not require inference or opinion.
They may come from any part of the book including the cover and title page.
Ideally each student reads at least 3 books and becomes 'expert' in two.
An important role of the leader is making sure that all books are beeing read in depth and supporting team mates who are having difficulties.
HInts for reading for recall
  • Remember to focus on facts that you could be asked to recall
  • Take key word notes as you read - put page numbers on your notes so that you can go back to them at any time
  • Use sticky notes in the book instead. Don't forget to put page numbers on them before you take them out of the book when you return it.
  • Try taking notes as a mind map - eg characters, setting, plot sections - key words only!
  • At the end of each chapter you read, write down 3 or 5 brief quiz questions and answers (and page numbers) that you could try out on other members of your team after they have read the same book.

Book Trailers
This year for the first time each team will need to produce a 'book trailer' on one of the books.
Book trailers combine images, sound and words to promote the book just like a movie trailer motivates viewers to see a film.
They may also contain filmed video clips acting out portions of the story.
Book trailers should highlight the 'champion' qualities the main characters have. as well as inspiring other readers to read the books.
Any digital software can be used. Any images or sound must be properly referenced, copyright free and available under Creative Commons licence. Creative Commons search
SLIME KIDS Book Trailers has some excellent trailers. Also check out School Tube Type the name of the book you are looking for in the 'Browse videos' box.
*SLIME stands for School Library Media and is an educational site. It may be blocked at school because it contains ads. A teacher can unblock it for you.
These examples may inspire you

Girl Stolen
The Fox Inheritance

The Book to film page has many other examples and ideas for making book trailers