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What is a Book Review?
A book review is a Response.

It has two parts.
  • Firstly it gives information about the book.
  • Secondly it gives your personal opinion about the book.
Its purpose is to influence your reader's opinion of the book.

It usually has the following structure
  • An interesting opening sentence that grabs your reader's attention
  • An introduction giving the title, author and type of book
  • A brief plot summary - only the main events and a few interesting details
  • A summary of the theme - the message the author is giving
  • Discussion about the main characters, the author's style and how you connected to the book
  • Anything else of interest about the book or author
  • A conclusion which includes your final opinion and recommendation

A Book Review can be short or long.
A good book review is easy for someone else to read and moves smoothly because the reviewer writes in their own words as if they are speaking to the reader.
Go to the Book Links page to see good examples of Book Reviews.
Book Week Book Review Competition
  1. Write a review of a book from our library.
  2. It can be typed or hand written.
  3. Don't forget to put your name and class on your entry.
  4. It can be on a template or you can use a template to guide you.
  5. Put it in the Gold, Silver or Bronze boxes for your year level
  6. Entries close on Friday 20 August.
  7. There will be lucky prize draws from each box (JP, MP, UP).
  8. The best entries at each level will win book-voucher prizes and will be published on the school wiki and possibly the newsletter.

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