Book Week Ac tivities


Children will need to be familiar with these books before you do the activities.
Most ideas can be done anytime during the week!(Those marked with an *can only be done on Friday)You may have much better ideas than these!

I have tried to come up with simple ideas that can be done either during your Fitness time, or as part of your literacy program. Copies of Smart Board files are in the U drive in BOOK WEEK

If your class participates in at least 5 activities, mark these on your Bridge template and take it to the Front Office on Friday (with your class).

You may be challenged by the Troll at the front desk. But if you respond with the rhyme on your bridge template, there will be a reward for each child.

Choose from these activities


You will need:Option A – Teacher lesson notes on bridges etc from wiki (Book Week page)
Option B – play scripts and masks from the Library
Option C – Music if you can!/ Use a whistle if you don’t have access to music
Option D - Shortlist Crossword or Wordfinder from Library
Option E – Videos /DVD’s, video player and books from the library
Option F – Smart Board activities (U drive – Book Week)
Option G – Newspaper (lots), sticky tape/masking tape; string or thread

A) Primary Connections Science Bridges Unit
It’s all there! And it’s on the wiki!
B) Billy Goats Gruff play on the bridge on the primary play equipment
Have as many Billy goats as you like crossing the bridge. All you will need is troll and a narrator, and the kids should be able to do the rest themselves.
C) Bridge freeze (Like Musical statues)
Play the music. When the music stops call out the name of a type of bridge – beam, suspension, arch. Children have to group or pair to form the bridge. Last one each time is eliminated.
D) Book Week Crossword or Wordfinder
Mind numbing I know! But I do have one of each in the library if needed.
E) Book to Film Movie Festival
We have about 30 DVD’s or videos that have ‘crossed the bridge’ from children’s book to movie.
Videos can be shown directly to the Smart Board . We have one video player for loan from the library.
F) There are Smartboard activities based on the short listed books in the Book Week folder in the U drive. Include Memory games etc.
The bridge that held up a library
Challenge your class as a whole or in groups to build a bridge based on what they have learned about structures using ONLY the materials listed to hold up the most library books. Bridges must be made elsewhere and brought assembled to the library for testing.

Kip kip.gif Up close and personal with Kip
You will need:
Part A – Nothing
Part B: Template (from the library), split pins, card

A)*Kip and his mates (Ms Bahnisch’s roosters) will be in the front office. Visit!
Ms Bahnisch may come out and answer questions or read Kip to you if she is not busy!B) Make Kip hatch out of his shell as a chicken

The Hero of Little Streetlhero.gif
You will need: Nothing except an open safe play area

Streets and avenues :
The hero chases the dog through all the streets and avenues of old Antwerp until the dog is snaffled by the evil butcher.
Play this game and have someone as the dog and some one as the evil butcher OR if you are feeling kinder, make it the dog and the boy!

Mr Chicken goes to Parischicken.gif
You will need: Option A: A computer with Internet connection and an IWB Option B: CD Player and space to use it (one of the Year 6/7 classrooms should be empty)

A) Fly around Paris and see the same sights as Mr Chicken
o Open Google Earth on your desk top. In the search bar, write, France. This will zoom you to France.
o Now add the names one at a time of the tourist attractions that Mr Chicken visited: to go there too.: Arc de Triomphe; Eiffel Tower; Musee de Louvre; Eiffel Tower; Notre Dame; Palace of Versailles. Check out the photos.
o Can you find the bridge in Monet’s garden in Giverny?
o NOW ITS TIME TO FLY HOME. Type in Dankel Avenue, Kensington, Australia.
o Go to find out more about Paris.

B) *Madame has taught/will teach? a French musical game to the children

Schumann the shoeman schumann.gif
You will need:
Option A Computer connected to internet for each child
Option B: Bag of shoes and hats from the library
Option C: Shoe template from the library. Your own art/craft materials
A) ‘Schumann the shoeman’ uses a very distinctive abstract art style very similar to Picasso. Have a go at creating Schumann or one of the characters from the book using an art program called Picasso head. Very Easy!!
B) Dress up race. This celebrates Schumann AND the Wrong Book! Have a dress up race. Your rules.
C) Decorate shoe templates. Children decorate their shoes for Schumann.

The terrible Plop plop.gif
You will need: Option A – Computer and IWB, paper and pencils
Option B - frieze paper; instructions and template of dancing rabbits from library; red dots (for apples from library); pipe cleaners (library
Option C - Template for photocopying on white paper; string; red card for apples; cotton wool balls (all from library)

A) Watch and re-read the e-book
Let Andrew Joyner teach you how to draw a bear just like his bear!
Now have a go yourself

B) Make a headband of dancing rabbits to wear throughout Book Week. Craft activity
C) Feed the rabbit the apple. Craft activity

Fox and Fine feathers fox.gif
You will need: Option A - white cartridge paper; black or brown or green markers or pencils; instruction sheet (from library)

A) Can you see me Camouflage Picture
Cover the paper with a pattern of lines using only one colour
Fold in half. Draw the outline of a bush creature on one half. Cut it out and superimpose it on the other background using raised tabs to elevate it from the background. Discuss how effective camouflage is and how it is used by bush creatures

Fearless fearless.gif
Watch the book trailer for Fearless
Make an origami dog basket for Fearless. Instruction s from the library

OOPs I’ve run out of ideas. I know I had a physical activity based on What’s the time Mr Wolf in my head but it’s eluded me!!

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