Have a look at these movies in our school library that are based on children's books. Read a great book? Want to find a way of sharing it with others? Try a Book Trailer! Just like a movie trailer - all you need is a Flip Cam, simple movie making software (like Photostory or Movie Maker, some images, and a great script and storyboard... and of course a real feel for the book you have read and what would hook others into it!

Examples (do a You Tube search for 'book trailers' for some good examples which unfortunately are blocked at school)

Check out this amazing Wiki about book trailers:

Harper Collins site
KidLit Book Trailers
Ipswich School Library Network
Student Book Trailers
Monster Blood Tattoo

The Wrong Book - Book Trailer by Billy, Ruby & Daniella

Another option is to take your favourite scene from a book you know and love, and adapt it as a live action or animated movie. You need to visualise the text and present it as a moving picture with sound.

If you are up for a challenge, why not take on an entire book? Filmmakers have always used great books as inspiration for making movies and they have been both celebrated or criticised for their visual interpretations of the written word. Sometimes a director's vision might be quite different to that of a written story. Can you script and make a movie that shares your vision of a book you know and love?

'Where the Wild Things Are' by Mrs Cann's class 2009

'The Gruffalo' by Mrs Cann's class 2009

'Where Are You Blue Kangaroo?' by Mrs Cann's class 2009


To publish your work digitally all work (images, clips, sound) must be original. If you use material from the Internet you must source 'royalty free' or 'Creative Commons' content as well as give a credit to where it came from. Here are some examples-

Pics 4 Learning
Freeplay Music

Creative Commons Search

To create your presentation you will most likely use programs at school such as Photo Story, Movie Maker, iMovie or Power Point.
There are various online tools you can use to edit clips and upload multimedia files -

Animoto Make digital presentations with a few clicks
Jaycut Online video editor

Kids Vid Hints and tips for making movies

Storyboard template