What do you know about Copyright and Plagiarism?
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  • Copyright is the 'right' a person has to own their own ideas (intellectual property) and to benefit from them. ($ and thanks).
  • Everyone (including you!), who creates original ideas (words, pictures, music etc) 'owns them' and has the right to benefit from them.
  • Copyright protects the intellectual property of the creator.
  • It is often shown by the copyright symbol.
  • Copyright does not just apply to words in books. It can be in any media or form.
  • It is against the law to break copyright.

  • Plagiarism is when you use some one else's words or ideas and pass them off as if they are yours.
  • It is not acceptable at school or at home.
  • Plagiarism breaches copyright.

Preventing Plagiarism
  • Be organised. Start your work early
  • Remember that most works are copyright.
  • Read the back of the title page of books to find copyright information. You will find similar information on most other media.
  • Take notes in your own words.
  • Put quotation marks around words you want to use and use 'in text' referencing.
  • If you would like to use something and are not sure you can, ask the owner of the copyright for permission.
  • Document your sources as you go.
  • Always plan to have a bibliography.
  • Reference. If in doubt. Do it!
  • Use the ORG to reference correctly.

How much can I copy legally?
  • Students and teachers can copy more if they need things for educational purposes and research, providing you do not publish it. Sources still need to be acknowledged properly.
  • This is called 'fair use' or 'fair dealing'.
  • As soon as you publish your work on the web, fair dealing rules do not apply.

Creative Commons
  • Owners of original materials who are happy for other people to re-use and even change their original works licence their property with Creative Commons.Rhis can include images, music, video, clip art.
  • Try this site to find resources Creative Commons search
  • When you use use Google you can also use an advanced search to find items that you can re-use and modify.
  • Even if work is under the Creative Commons website, you still need to 'attribute' the owner of the work.


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