Well done to the library crew on a fantastic effort in planning our school's National Simultaneous Storytime event.They went to so much effort in making props, costumes, rehearsing and making sure that everyone in the school had a fantastic day.Well done Library Crew!

Congratulations and thankyou to our magnificent Library Crew for the beginning of 2012!
Kristal R, Molly D, Chelsea M, Sophie H, Olivia M, Junee K, Georgina L, Ashleigh M, Marilee H, Tara P, Natasha C, Anita A, Liliya B, Sahra R, Jayden F, Ursula G, Joelle R, Katie M, Piper V, Jasper K.
The Library Crew are trained Year 6's and 7's and are so important in helping with the daily running and organisation of the school library.

There are at least two library crew on duty in the library before school and at the beginning of lunchtime to shelve books,to tidy and organise resources and to assist students, parents and staff.

Being in the Library Crew is a great way to take on extra responsibility and leadership,gain skills and abilities in working in a team and get opportunities to work with and help other students and teachers. You might even get to read new books first!

If you are a Year 6 student and are interested in getting involved please come in and see us at the library!We would love to see you!