Our MissionSDC11956_(WinCE).JPG

  • To build a library and information service that is focussed on student learning outcomes.
  • To extend students' literacy skills and love of reading
  • To develop students' information literacy and research skills through guided inquiry
  • To provide flexible access to current,relevant and high quality resources that reflect the curriculum, school directions, and student needs, abilities and interests.
  • To support teachers' teaching and students' learning.
  • To provide flexible and easily accessible services and a physical learning environment that enables all users to independently and easily access resources and information.

Our Vision
  • ALL STUDENTS are critical thinkers and information literate users of resources able to independently use information strategies (Plan, Define tasks, Locate resources, Select and Analyse information, Organise, Present and Evaluate information). They are able to transform information into new understandings and knowledge, not just transport facts.

  • Students are skilled in using digital technologies to locate, select, organise and create information and are aware of safety and ethical issues.

  • ALL STUDENTS have a love of reading and are critical and discrimininating in selecting and interpreting a range of literature and information texts for personal use. They can choose texts which are relevant, readable and interesting to them, finish what they select, and understand and make personal connection with what they have chosen.

  • RESOURCES are current, relevant and of high quality and reflect the curriculum, school directions, classroom programs and student needs, abilities and interests.

  • SERVICES are flexible, easily accessible to all users and support student learning and teachers' programs.

  • ALL USERS can independently and easily access the resources they need and use the library confidently.

  • The physical learning environment supports teachers in their teaching and students in their learning.

  • The physical library is part of a connected network of digital information services available 24/7.

  • Staff and students feel connected to the library and feel they can influence its directions.