All research assignments that use information, images or music from other sources need a bibliography.
The ORG is a bibliography maker that will help you develop a bibliography in the correct format.

SLASA Online Referencing Generator

The ORG - Online Referencing Generator is provided through subscription to schools which are members of the School Library Association of South Australia.
  • The ORG is password protected.
  • ONLY students and staff at Marryatville Primary School are entitled to use this password
  • The ORG can be used both at home and at school.
  • If you have forgotten the password contact the library.

Instructions for use :
1. Open a Word file, name it and Save. (eg Explorers Bibliography). Make sure this file is saved so that it is accessible by all those who need to use it.

2. Record the File name and Path as a footer.

3. Have all resources you wish to reference to hand BEFORE you begin.
For web pages and other on-line materials you will need to know the title of the article or webpage and the date it was last updated.
You will also need to have copied the URL of the webpage for pasting into the generator.

4. Open the relevant Referencing Generator.
  • Junior School - for Junior and Middle Primary classes
  • Middle School - for Upper Primary classes
Upper Primary students should use the Junior School generator until they are confident.

5. After you have entered each reference, copy and paste it into your Word file and Save your document.

6. Print a copy as a ready reference if you want to go back to a resource.

7. When your list is complete organise your list alphabetically by each genre. - Use the same order as the ORG.

8. Your Bibliography will be assessed in all research work you complete.

This template may help you. Hard copies of the attached template are available from the library.