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Learn to use Wikipedia wisely

Simple Wikipedia
Shorter articles, shorter sentences, shorter words

Simple articles. Australian. Organised by topic.Headings include Australia, Animals, Space, Sports, Food and my body, Technology, Sports, Planet Earth.

Wise Geek
Clear answers for common questions

Kids Net Au
A kid safe Australian portal to encyclopedia articles, dictionary, thesaurus and translator

Kids' Brittanica
At the moment we do not subscribe to this service so only short stems are available


Merriam Webster Dictionary and thesaurus

An online graphical dictionary


CIA World Factbook
Up to date brief facts on all countries in the world

World atlas
Maps and brief information, Navigate to Flags of the world and Time across the world.

Short facts and maps

Famous people

Australian Dictionary of Biography

General sites

Yahoo Kids Study Zone
Includes dictionary, science, countries and flags

USA. Portal to websites for a wide range of topics including Australia

Enchanted learning
USA Suitable for Junior Primary